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Melody 96 GBs Closed

Base Kit Packing list

Kit 1: Anodized Alu Top+Alu Plate+Frosted Acrylic Bottom+QMK PCB+OEM Stabilizers+Screws+Feet

Kit 2: Anodized Alu Top+Alu Bottom+Alu Plate+Brass weight electroplated+QMK PCB+OEM Stabilizers+Screws+Feet

Kit 3: Anodized Alu Top+Alu Bottom+Frosted Acrylic Bottom+Alu Plate+Brass weight electroplated+QMK PCB+OEM Stabilizers+Screws+Feet

Stabilizers including: 1+6.25u+7x2u+1x7u

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This Melody 96 PCB is QMK and Type-C connection with underglow RGB and gold soldering holes.If you only choose alu bottom,you can't see underglow RGB.The plate support switch top removal.

Many clearer RENDERS HERE:

More Supported layouts excexpt 9 options:

GB ends 5 February,  production time is around 45 days (chinese new year that can delay 10 days)

Shipping planned time: around 30 March we think

Express Shipping cost

To be quoted, around $27 for express delivery  for most of the countries (many couriers, depending on country). Russia/Brazil cost more. $20 for Japan, Korea.  $8 for China.

For any question contact me at:   or

Keyset Options: DSA 145 PBT Keyset,click Here to see details

                         Cherry Profile 176 Key,Click Here to see details

                         XDA 147 Blank set,see here

                         OEM 96 set PBT,see Here


Melody 96 GB Form

Melody 96 GB Form


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