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YMDK YMD75v3 QMK Hot Swap Hot-swappable Kailh Socket 84 PCB Fully Programmable Support ANSI ISO Interchange YMD75 V2

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Only PCB: 1x 84 PCB (Diodes Resistors Underglow RGB Hot socket presoldered) + Switch puller

Other options have added plate with different material (alu plate is silver as default,if you want black or gray,message us after ordering)


PCB is presoldered with Kailh socket,there is 4 most popular layout for your option.

This PCB is specially led hole size which can use our led sip socket directly without soldering.

Can just plug in and use a tool to press in tightly is ok.However ISO small Shift is not supported.ANSI all keys is supported.After installing this sip socket,you can add 234 or 3mm or 1.8mm led as your wish and it will not affact switch hot plug.

PCB Manuals

QMK  Manuals:

VIA Manuals:

The alu plate is CNC anodized with aluminum.Brass plate is pvd brush finished.These PCB plate are all compatible with our 84 case,including acrylic case and CNC aluminum case.

How to install PCB plate kit

1.Install stabilizers to PCB at first

2.Amount around 5-6 switches onto plate corners and middle part totally

3.Amount these switches pin to PCB socket totally.After PCB plate fixed,plug other switches in around 90 degree is ok.When plugging you can put PCB onto desk which can avoid big damage when plugging switches.

4.If there is any big resistance when plugging switches,especially when you use kailh switches,don’t put it in forcely.Make sure the switch pin is not bent and the switches is around 90 degree.

5.After plugging switches,if 1 or 2 key not working,check the switch pin whether it’s bent at first.Then check whether the back socket is plugged loose.

Even hotswap PCB don’t need to solder as normal,however the socket is easily to be plugged loose or off after many times replacing,so if you can prepare a cheap solder iron in hand,1 hotswap PCB can use for many years.We sold many brand hotswap PCB now,these are experience from many customers.

PCB Layout Supported

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