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[In Selling]Melody 96 Pro Kit(RGB South Facing Pro 96 Kit)

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Kit option: Melody 96 pro Case+ YMD96 V3 RGB Hotswap PCB+Plate+Black-Clear gold wired Screw in Stabilizers+Screws+Rubber Feets

Only PCB option:Only YMD96 V3 RGB hotswap PCB

Fiting YMD-96 Melody Case/NYM 96 Aluminum Case/96 Wood Case

Component optionOnly Acrylic bottom with Brass Weight+Rubber Feets



Top part use aluminum designed,and anodized or powder coated.Weight about 0.377 kg,size about 382*136mm.

Bottom part use acrylic with brass weight designed,CNC and anodized.Weight about 0.826kg,size about 381*132mm.

Angle about 5°.

Case height about 20-30mm


Size about 360*112mm

Weight about 0.159kg

RGB South facing

Support VIA



Melody 96 plate and anodized,size about 366*118*1.5 mm,weight about 0.078kg

Black-Clear Gold Wired Screw in Stabilizers

Weight about 0.019kg,use oil better,from this link.

If you need change it to clear gold wired screw in stabilizers in this link,can leave a message in cart of page to us.

Combining colors

Powder White Case use Silver Color plate

Powder Blue Case use Silver Color plate

Powder Cyan Case use Cyan Color plate

Powder Gray Case use Gray Color plate

Powder Orange Case use Gray Color plate

Normal Black Case use Black Color Plate

Normal Gray Case use Gray Color Plate

Normal Black Blue Case use Black Color Plate

Normal Pink Case use Pink Color Plate

Please note that if you need change plate color,can leave a message in cart of page to change it.

Upgrade brass plate or add foam

Upgrade Aluminum plate to Brass Plate,add 20 usd by ordering 40 pcs this links.

Add foam

Special note

Our old kit 1 or kit 2 case support this acrylic and brass weight bottom and RGB hotswap PCB.

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