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Option 1: NCR-80 R2 Case+ Solder PCB+Screws+Stabs

Option 2: NCR-80 R2 Case+ Solder PCB+Carbon Fiber Plate+Screws+Stabs

Option 3: NCR-80 R2 Case+ Hotswap PCB+Carbon Fiber Plate+Screws+Stabs

Note:The capslock has 2 socket to support both stepped and unstepped edition which get the middle switch stem hole slightly smaller than usual.When you plug capslock key,please cut the middle switch stem off or cut it smaller is ok.


Reimagination of the classic rebranded Cherry G81-3000 by NCR

NCR-80 is an affordable keyboard kit inspired by iconic vintage keyboards.

R2 brings in a cooler shade of gray (from NCR-3007) and a vintage beige for all the retro aesthetics.


GB Time:Nov 19,2021-Dec 19,2021

Production time: Dec 19,2021-Jan 19,2022

Shipping time:Jan 19,2022-Jan 30,2022

Shipping way: FedEx (about 3-10 days for shipping normal) 

Layout Support

PCB Manuals

QMK manuals

VIA manuals

Image Display

 Vintage Beige

Cool Gray

Combining contrast

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