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9 key Cherry Gateron Kailh Outemu Silent Switches Shaft Testing Tool Switch Tester

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An Acrylic Frame + 9 switches + 9 Keycaps

Some acrylic frame may be little loose.This can't avoid for the acrylic material reason.If it can test and type normally,then it's not quality issue.Kindly understand it


This link is only switch tester,no keyboard included.

Cherry MX Silent black: A quieter edition of cherry black.Linear Switch,Actuation Force is 60cN

Cherry MX Pink: A quieter edition of cherry red,called Cherry pink as usual

Gateron Silent black switches: linear,operating force 60g.

Gateron Silent Red: linear,operating forice 45g

Gateron silent brown switches: tactile and non-clicky.operating force 55g

Box Silent Pink: Linear switches,operating force 35+-10

Box Silent brown: Tactile unclicky switches,operating force 45+-10.Tactile force 60gf

Outemu Silent Gray: Tactile unclicky switches,tactile force is 60+-10gf

Outemu Silent White: linear switches,work force is 45+-10g,work travel is 2+-0.6mm,total travel is 4mm.End force is 65gf Max


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