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X-Bows 87 Programmable CNC Case RGB Backlight Hotswap Hot Swap KB-6 Type C PCB Ranger MX Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Package Included

1xCNC Case Plate + 87 RGB Hotswap PCB + Type C Cable + Switch Puller + Enough Plate Mounted Stabilizers

No keycaps switches included


X Bows KB-6 87 RGB Keyboard Kit belongs to GK factory now and it can use GK software to program it as well.

It can use Cherry MX and Clones.Both 3 pin 5 pin is ok.When you plug switches,please make sure to plug in 90 degree and when it's big resistance when plugging,stop plugging and check whether the switch pin is bent.

Any Standard 104 87 Keycap can be use with this kit.

16 million color RGB backlight, support driver customization

The keyboard feet is magnetic to the bottom.

This Keyboard support NKRO and Macro functions.If you want to program it,just use this driver is ok in google link


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