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21 23 24 Key RGB YMDK Programmable Marco Function MX Cherry Gateron Switches Mechanical Keyboard Numpad For LOL Battlegrounds

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This link is for 21 23 24 Key Pad DIY(no keycaps).Support Marco function.Every key can be defined which is good for gaming such as LOL battlegrounds etc.

​The plate frame has clear and black for your options.Pls choose it directly.Black bottom can't let shine through,so we use clear bottom for both pad.This pad feet support both vertical and horizontal.You can adjust yourself after receiving it.

This PCB is Micro USB,can program with bootloader.Here is the link to download the software and manuals:


This PCB has RGB underglow leds itself.Underglow RGB and switch led can be controlled separately..The indicator led can be used as Numlock indicator and layer toggle indicator.

The case and plate is made of acrylic,not CNC made.Our PCB are designed no stabilizers,2u keys tactile feeling is more smooth without stabilizers.

Three kit for your options

Kit 1

Case Plate+PCB+Gateron Switches+Led+USB Cable+Free Assembling

For plate frame,pls choose color directly.For shaft and LED,pls leave remarks.


Options For Gateron Switches: Blue,Brown,Black,Red,White,Yellow,Green (Can Mix)

Options For Kailh Switches:Speed Silver,Speed Copper,Speed Bronze,Speed Gold


9 options For Switch LEDPurple,White,Orange,Blue,Ice blue,Green,Red,Pink,Yellow


Underglow Led: RGB presoldered



Kit 2

Case Plate+PCB+Cherry Switches+Led+USB Cable+Free Assembling

​For plate frame,pls choose color directly.For shaft and LED,pls leave remarks.


4 options For Cherry Switches: Blue,Brown,Black,Red (If you want special shaft like clear gray green silver pink,pls contact us to add usd4)


9 options For Switches LED:Purple,White,Orange,Blue,Ice blue,Green,Red,Pink,Yellow


Underglow Led: RGB presoldered



Kit 3

Case Plate+PCB with Underglow RGB+Screws+Feet (no switches/ switch led included,you need to prepare it yourself)

Additional Product Related to DIY Kit

There is no keyset included with the kit.If you want the keyset,choose as below

ABS double shot shine through 104 keyset for 21 23 24 layout,Click Here

​Thick PBT 21 Keyset for 21 layout,can't shine through

keycap link:


YMDKEY only support Paypal now,thanks for understanding.