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Aluminum Brush Steel Brass Finish ANSI Anodized Positioning Board Plate Plate-mounted Stabilizers For GH60 PCB GK61 Hot Swap PCB

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1.This is the link only for keyboard Plate Stabilizers PCB,no keyboard included.This new plate is compatible with plate stabilizers.

2.If you choose stabilizers kit,there will be 1x6.25u + 4x2u which is enough for 60 87 keyboard.If you want to use it with GK61 PCB,pls choose the case which support GK61 PCB.Most GH60 case can't support GK61 PCB. Original GK61 plastic case can't use it.

There is a GK61/64 case in our store can support it.   Low Profile   High Profile

3.This aluminum plate is anodized and brush finish which is better scratch proof.The steel plate is brush finished in the surface as well.Steel plate is much harder than Aluminum plate,but the sound is bigger as well. Brass plate is PVD brushed.The hardness and sound is better than steel plate.

4.The OEM plate stabilizers is more smooth but bigger noise,genuine Cherry stabilizers is more silent.

​5.This plate can use for GK61 and all GH60 PCB and GH60 Case.If you want to use with GK61 PCB,pls also choose correct case.


Can be used for all GH60 case in our store

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