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GH60 Bamboo Walnut Wooden Case Wrist Rest 2 in 1 For 60% Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Compatible Pok3r DZ60 YD60MQ XD64

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Package Included

Case + Screws + Rubber Feet + Plate + Stabilizers + YD60MQ Type C Gold Pad Black PCB(no underglow RGB inclued)

If you only need Case,please choose "Only Case"

Only Case:Case + Screws + Rubber Feet

2u Shift Option support layout as below

2.25u Shift Option support layout as below

Minila Option support layout as below


This bamboo case is case wrist 2 in 1 design.If you don't need PCB plate,just choose kit 1.

This case can be used for GH60 keyboard,DZ60 XD60 Poker 1 YD60

Poker 2 with Type C connector can't use this case.

If you want to assemble Poker layout,choose 2.25u shift plate.

PCB is QMK gold Pad and Type C connector which is high quality.If you choose kit 2 to kit 4,PCB is included.

​The plate has steel and aluminum 2 material.If you choose kit 2 to kit 4,it has included plate already.

PCB manuals: drive.google.com/open?id=1DSw1veAr0dJdA9mKuFLPUf6RfAAe24GF

Additional Accessories you can add (Optional)

Switches,just order with the cheapest shipping method.

Assembly,if you can't find 60 layout you prefer,just choose one randomly and leave message which layout you want exactly.

​Leds,just order 12 lot is ok,1 lot is 5 pcs.If you order assembly and leds,we will assemble led for you as well.

Sip Socket,if you order led sip socket together,we will assemble sip socket for you as well.

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