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GH60 Solid Wooden Case Wrist Rest PCB Plate Hand Wire For 60% Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Compatible Poker2 Faceu 60

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Package Included

Case + Plate + PCB + Stabilizers

If you only need case,please choose "Only Case".

Only Case:Case.


This link is only keyboard case and wrist rest,no keyboard included.

​New Poker 2 with Type C and Poker 3 RGB can't use.

PCB is no underglow RGB included.

PCB manuals: drive.google.com/open?id=1RS0TpA0MzzGt_pHUwjqY-IxCBHK58YDx

This PCB support all GH60 layout,including Backspace Lshift Rshift split to 2 keys,Poker WKL HHKB etc.

Extra Parts you can add to the Kit

Switches Click Here

Leds Click Here

Assembly Click Here



Zebra Wood

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