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GK61 GK64 GK61x GK64x GK64xs Bamboo Walnut Wooden Case Wrist Rest 2 in 1 Hotswap RGB PCB Plate Kit

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Package Included

CNC Case + Feet + Screws + Type C Hotswap PCB + Plate + Plate mounted stabilizers (Battery if bluetooth option)

PCB can choose wired and bluetooth edition,if you choose bluetooth PCB,there will be a 1000mah battery presented

The battery pin is 2 pin 1.25mm red-black.


GK61x/GK61xs/GK64x/GK64xs upgraded from GK64 and GK64s.Functions and quality is better.

The Plate is made of Fiber same as PCB material.

1.Plug-in Mechanical switches offer you an unique touch fee with a long service time.

Repalceable swith base design, free replace those swithes as your wish. Support hot plug-in.

2.Any Key Anti ghost key.The bluetooth PCB is 5.1

3.16.8 million Rgb lights, working with drivers program to set many backgroud lights

4.Working with driver program to Re-assgn for all of keys, and Recording Macro.

5.Quickly Swithing 5 Modes for gaming or office working.

6.Built-in a Flash Memory to save setting at offline mode

7.Type-C Connector  for faster transfer rate

8.Support Bios setting on PC main board, as well as Usb online update.

9.Support Mac Operation System,only base function

10.built-in microphone under spacebar, support External sound source play.


PCB is programmable with the software below (Can download on official website)

Windows: drive.google.com/file/d/1oCvUmodD5n5TpfFfcPPB0IMwD2BCdzVh/view?usp=sharing

Mac system: drive.google.com/file/d/1Mbi6M30gf7LhLt8psYK99mUoXnubYjdS/view?usp=sharing

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