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Handcraft GH60 Solid Wooden Case PCB Plate For 60% Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Compatible Poker2 Pok3r Wooden Shell

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Case + Plate + PCB + Stabilizers

If you only need case,please choose "Only Case"

Only Case:Case


For wooden case,it's hard to find 2 same trees to make it,so there may be little different from the picture shown as below.Some may look darker.​New Poker 2 with Type C and Poker 3 RGB can't use.

1.Case has included screws and feet together.No keyboard included.

2.The keyboard case is made of wood.We also have alloy aluminum case which is more stable and super for gaming.The alloy case click here.

3. PCB is no underglow RGB included.

PCB manuals drive.google.com/open?id=1RS0TpA0MzzGt_pHUwjqY-IxCBHK58YDx

4.This PCB support all GH60 layout,including Backspace Lshift Rshift split to 2 keys,Poker WKL HHKB etc

Extra Parts you can add to the Kit

Switches Click Here

Leds Click Here

Assembly Click Here

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