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Kailh Box SMD RGB MX Switch Chinese Style Red Grey yellow Green Dustproof Switch For Mechanical Gaming keyboard IP56 waterproof

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1.This link is only the shaft and switches for mechanical keyboard

2.It can only be used with SMD led,can't use switch led.All box switches in our stock are new edition,won't break GMK keycap.

It can be compatible with 2x3x4mm led and 1.8mm led,however need to solder led to PCB at first,then solder switches on.3mm round can't use even you solder led before switches.

3.The life-time is around 80 million times which is longer than usual switches.

4.This switch is IP56 water-proof and dirt-proof.Has used 18k gold crosspoint technology which makes press feeling better.

Kailh Box Chinese Red – Linear | 3.6mm travel | 45g Actuation | 55g Bottom Out

Kailh Box Noble Yellow – Clicky | 3.6mm travel | 65g Actuation | 50 Bottom Out

Kailh Box Glazed Green – Clicky | 3.6mm travel | 50g Actuation | 50g Bottom Out

Kailh Ancient Grey – Linear | 3.6mm travel | 95g Actuation | 100g Bottom Out

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