OEM Profile White Black Thick PBT Blank Printed Special Keycap Set For MX Switches

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This link is only for special keycaps Set,no keyboard included.For top and side print,just leave message what you want.


13 keys printed set combined by 8 printed ones+4 blank

13 keys blank set combined by 13 blank ones


8 Keys both have blank and printed ones

R1 1.5u                4 pcs              Printed ones are with legend Alt Ctrl

R1 1.75u              1 pcs              Printed ones are with legend Shift

L Shape Enter    1 pcs For Russian Keyboard,Steelseries 7G and so on

7 Shape Enter    1 pcs For ISO

Ladder Caps       1 pcs 


5 Keys only have blank ones

R2 1.5u                1 pcs

R2 1.25u              1 pcs

3u Spacebar 1 pcs For Minila

6u Spacebar 1 pcs For HHKB and Cherry old keyboard

7u Spacebar 1 pcs 


6u Spacebar is for Cherry old keyboard and HHKB keyboard,the middle hole is not in the center.

Can add side print and top print as requested.