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Outemu New Edition SMD RGB 5 pin MX Switch Ice Purple Sky Blue OTM For MX Mechanical keyboard

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This link is only the shaft and switches for mechanical keyboard,no keyboard and switch tester included.


This ice purple switches is V2 edition with clear housing 5 pin.


The sky blue switches are Tao edition 5 pin


The Tao version is better than the V2.2 version: the contact area between stem and leaf is smaller and the feel is smoother. In short: the feel is almost the same, but smoothness.
These switches are highly tactile and come in a gorgeous all-teal housing with tops that support switch top removal (after installing to a plate which supports top removal).
For 5 pin switches,if you don't need that 2 plastic leg,can just cut it.
This switch can be used for 3mm 2x3x4mm 1.8mm and SMD leds
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