White Gray Cherry Profile 121 Key ANSI ISO Smooth Feeling Blank PBT Keycap For Cherry MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard

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This link is only the keycaps,no keyboard included.The keycap loading board is only to take photo,not included in the sold package.We will pack the keycaps in keycap carton.

The keycap is made of durable thick PBT material.The thickness is 1.5mm.

​For color,the light gray is close to white,but little darker than white.Dark gray is darker than light gray.

Our store has opened DIY services.If you have interests,don't hesitate to leave us message.

Included Keycaps 

104 Normal ANSI Keys

1x1.75u R1

4x1.5u R1

1x7u Space

1x6u Space,the middle hole is off center

1xLadder Caps Lock

5x1u R1

4 ISO Keys :1 pcs ISO Enter   1 pcs 1u R1   1 pcs 1.25u R1   1 pcs 1u R2

A picture for the size of big keys for your reference except added 13 or 17 keys


It can be used for most Cherry MX Gateron MX Kailh MX and all other MX switches keyboard.Such as G80-3800,G80-3000,G80-1865\1869 and Filco IKBC Ducky and so on.


If the spacebar is 6.5u 5.5u instead of 6.25u,it can't be compatible,such as Noppoo 84 Cosair Logitech.You can order additional keys needed.We will produce special full set for them soon.

Some Costar stabilizer keyboard whose spacebar may be clicky for thick caps.You can adjust the wire or cut the edges of inner spacebar.This is a easy problem.If you have met this problem,just leave us message.We will help you solve it.

After Service

If some keys missing or broken on the way,just leave us message,we will send you missing or broken ones soon.Don't worry about it and don't leave feedback immediately.

Dark Gray


Light Gray

Porcelain White