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Wholesales Authentic SMD RGB Cherry mx switch 3 pin Mechanical keyboard speed silver silent red blue pink Switches

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This link is only the shaft and switches for mechanical keyboard,no keyboard and switch tester included.


Cherry switches

Cherry MX Black: Linear Switch,Actuation Force is 60cN


Cherry MX Red: Linear Switch,Actuation Force is 45cN


Cherry MX Pink: A quieter edition of cherry red,called Cherry pink as usual


Cherry MX Blue: Tactile and Clicky Switch,Actuation Force is 50cN


Cherry MX Brown: Tactile and non-clicky switch,Actuation Force is 45cN,it's soft tactile


Cherry MX Silver: Linear switches,40% faster than cherry red,little heavier than red,good for FPS player



Pls note: This switches can be used with PCB smd led,such as GK61 GK64.No switch led hole on the top cover.

2 pin 4 pin switch plug led can't be used directly with this switches.



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