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YMDK 64 Minila Brush Finish Steel Plate YD60MQ QMK Programmable Underglow RGB PCB For 60 64 Minila DIY Mechanical Keyboard

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PCB Plate Stab: 1x PCB + 1x Steel Plate + Enough PCB Stabilizers (1x6.25u + 1x3u + 4x2u)


Black QMK PCB is type C connector and gold pad

White Bface PCB is mini USB and silver pad  




1.This is the link only for keyboard DIY parts,no keyboard included.


2.This PCB plate can be used with normal GH60 case XD64 case Poker case etc.


3.There is underglow RGB led presoldered.This PCB is fully programmable,manuals as below

Manual for QMK Black PCB drive.google.com/open?id=1DSw1veAr0dJdA9mKuFLPUf6RfAAe24GF

Manual for Bface PCB drive.google.com/open?id=1RS0TpA0MzzGt_pHUwjqY-IxCBHK58YDx


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After-sale Service

When you receive it,if 1 or 2 diode or resistance is off,just let us know.It can be resoldered easily to fix it and the diode or resistance is very cheap.You can let us resend some diode for free as well.This is only small problem.pls not worry when you meet it and contact us immediately.




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