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YMDK CNC Acrylic Diamond RGB Fully Programmable Cherry Switches Pudding PBT Double Shot Keyset 61 60% Mini Mechanical Keyboard Fast

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1xDiamond Keyboard + 1xUSB Cable + 1x Keycap Puller


This is YMDK Mini 60% mechnical Keyboard.The firmware is fully programmable by QMK.

The biggest advantage of this keyboard is extreme led effects.From case plate to keycap,we use materials which can upgrade led effects.The acrylic is very thick,so don't worry it will be broken.

The case and plate are all CNC acrylic.

The keycap is double shot PBT pudding keyset.The switch led is ice blue.

For underglow RGB,pls use FN+QWERTYUI to control and change model,there are lots of RGB mode.

For Switches,you can choose Cherry green milk silver pink as well,the price is same as clear.Just leave message is ok.

For PCB,pls find the manuals as below link how to flash it



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