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YMDK Diamond 60 Full Kit CNC Acrylic Case Plate QMK PCB Underglow RGB For 60% ANSI Mechanical Keyboard

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If you choose case,then only case/ plate/ Rubber Feet/ Screws

If you choose case PCB stabilizers,then there is case/ plate/ QMK PCB/ Clear Stab/ Rubber Feet/ Screws


The case is made of bottom case and upper plate which are all CNC.The case is very thick and strong.

Acrylic material may leave little water print in some area which can't 100% control,if you care about it,pls not order.

This kit owns extreme leds effects,it's mainly for led lovers.The plate can only support ANSI Poker layout.

​Left shift Right shift Backspace can be splited to 2 keys

For PCB,pls find the manuals as below link how to flash it


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