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YMDK Hot Swap Fully Programmable 96 Aluminum Case Plate PCB Stabilizers Support ANSI ISO DIY Kit

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Aluminum Case + Alu Plate + Hot Swap PCB (Type C Connector) + Stabilizers needed + Rubber Feet + Switch puller

We have two style hotswap pcb,south facing or north facing,if you need south facing hotswap pcb,can just leave a message to choose after order.

And we will use norht facing pcb as default if you have not leaved a message to choose.

Stabilizers included 1x6.25u+7x2u (You only need to prepare switches and keycaps and cable to get a fully working keyboard)

The case plate color is same as usual.Only when some plate is out of stock,will contact you to change to silver.

​Note: Please check the box whether it's in good edition before signing for the parcel.If the box has some hole outside,please request to open the box to check the case.Express shipping company all can check before signature.If it's broken,please refuse to sign for it.


If you need switches,leds,assembly service,just click link below to order,you only need to choose normal shipping for switches leds,we will ship them together with 96 Kit shipping method.Such as,if you choose DHL for 96 kit,switches leds China post,we will ship all via DHL.

Switches Click Here

Leds Click Here

Keycap click Here

Hot led Socket 200 pcs (Need to solder on yourself,if you want us to solder it for you,pls choose assembly service)


PCB is presoldered with Kailh socket,there is 4 most popular layout for your option.If you choose non hot swap PCB,it's normal gold pad Type C QMK PCB which can support all layout as YMD96.And you need to solder switches.


If you want switch led,we suggest you use 2x3x4 squre leds.It need to solder youself.


To fit existed case plate,this PCB size is limited and Esc F1 Rcrtl switch led hole is put reserved .Except you use side lit keycaps,there will be no influence.



Non hotswap 96 QMK manual:

Hotswap 96 QMK Manuals:

Hotswap 96 VIA Manuals:   (If you want us to use VIA for non hotswap 96 PCB,the keycode for Enter \| need to reversed)


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