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1)How to order the product in some discounts?

  In some special days come in to order,there have the service policy

2)How to learn more the shipping?

   We provide the tracking about this,there have the shipping policy

3)How to add assembly service?

  We have prepared the assembly service,when you order pcb plate and switches that need to assemble,can order 1 pcs assembly service is ok.

4)When the product will be shipped?

  2-8 days after you order.

5)When the product can be returned?

  7 days after you deliver the product,or the product is damaged by shipping.

6)How long the maintenance service will keep?

  3 months after you deliver it.

7)How to program the pcb or fix the customized keyboard?

  When you order a kit or pcb,there will have the links that help you to program the pcb in the page of the pcb or kit.

  Fixing need three steps:

  1)Find the way that fix the plate with the pcb,if you use the pcb stabilizers,fix the stabilizers in the pcb fistly,otherwise fix the pcb with plate(hotswap pcb can use switches to finish this steps) firstly,for plate stabilizers, plate stabilizers are fixed after plate is fixed with pcb;

  2)If you need to solder the leds of switches(PCB support),for SMD switches (Except Cherry),the soldering of leds need finish in firstly ,for MX normal switches,you need solder the switches after plate is fixed with pcb,and leds are soldered after switches;

  3)Find the way that fix the case with pcb or plate,we have prepared the screws for this situation.