YMDK Customize the moment(Only support Paypal,New Year Holiday Feb 8- Feb 18)

Service policy

Before ordering:

  1)When you need to know some problems,for example,whether the plate fit the case,whethe the keycap can be used in this layout,etc;

  2)When you need to make the declared value lower;

  3)When you want to order in some specail days,and need some discounts about the days(In the below description);

 There have the email that you can communicate with us.(david.chen@ymdkey.com)

After ordering:

  1)When you need to cancel this order before shipping;

  2)When you need to change the order of address before shipping;

  3)When you want to order again but want to ship all the product together,or you need add some additinal product before shipping;

  4)When you want to return the product after delivering;

  5)When you need to use three-month repair service after you deliver it;

  6)When you need some discounts as the second order;

  7)When you deliver the product that have been damaged by shipping;

Because we need to confirm the things that you need to solve,will give the result in 1-3 days,but when you communicate with us via eamil ,we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Some specail days:

Official:November 11/Black Friday/December 12/The day before christmas

Will prepare the special discount about needing

Featured Day:The birthday/Wedding anniversary/University graduation day(Need some proof)

8%-10% off for the day