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Installing Manuals

Installing Manuals

YMD-9 Numpad/Air 40/Split 64/HHKB Pro/YMD Wings/YMD-96 Hotswap Kit/NCR-80 Hotswap Kit/YMD-75% Hotswap Kit/ID 75 Kit/ID80 V2 Kit/YMD-75% Splitted RGB Kit click here

YMD 21 V2 Acrylic Base Kit/YMD-40 Kit/YMD-60% Plastic QMK Kit/YMD-60% Spllited Wood QMK Kit/YMD-60% Wood Case And Wrist QMK Kit/YMD-60% A60 QMK Kit/HHKB Sandwich Kit/YMD-60 Acrylic QMK Kit/YMD-60 Light Aluminum Case QMK Kit/YMD-96 Soldering Kit/NCR-80 Soldering Kit/Split 84 Acrylic Kit/YMD-75% Soldering Kit click here

Some Kits installed fully before shipping,so we don't provide the installing manuals for it.But you can still check it for your needing.

GK61 GK64 Splitted Wood Kit/GK61 GK64 Wood Kit/GK61 GK64 Aluminum or PC Kit/GK61 Light Aluminum Kit/GK61 GK64 Wood Case And Wrist Kit/YMD-65 ZJ68 Hotswap RGB Kit(If choose PCB stabs,click the first link) click here

YMD-65% ZJ68 Soldering Kit click here

For Software of using,you can check the kit of page to find the manuals.Or contact us in website.