Installing Manuals-Plate Hotswap

Installing Manuals

(From 1 to 5 steps,because some keyboards of differences,we will add more informations for it,please kind understand the situation for installing.And it will have not the influences for installing.)

1)Find the plate mounted stabs in package,and install plate mounted stabs to plate.After this,check the stabs of installing by the stabs of level in plate.If you dont know how to do this,can check the video( for plate mounted stabs of installing.

2) Fix pcb with plate by switches.First,install four switches for plate of four corners.Second,install more switches for pcb and plate of fixing.

And if you need add foam or oil switches for your keyboard,can add it in before of the steps.

Some keyboards of plates are integrated,so can just use case of top part as the plate for the step.

3) Check the Switches of installing.See whether all switches are in the same level with plate.

4) Fix pcb plate parts with case.We will prepare the screws for pcb plate part with case.You can find the brass stud in case to finish the connection.

For integrated plate of keyboards,plate is the case of top part,so will just use screws fix case top part with bottom.

Some PCBs need use stickers to protect pcb of working with case part,so we provide some stickers for connection places.You can use it when connect pcb with case.

5) Install the keycaps set for your keyboard.

Please note use the right layout for keycaps,like 96 keyboard use the 96 layout keycaps.And some keyboards of layouts is special,so need confirm the keycaps of layouts for keyboards firstly before installing.Of course,all need the mechanical mx keyboard of keycaps.

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