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Cherry Profile Dots Unique Font Dye Sub Thick PBT Keycap For ANSI 104 TKL 61 96 84 68 GK64 MX Switches Keyboard Similar To GMK

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Keycaps as images


This link is only the keycaps,no keyboard included.The keycap loading board is only to take photo,not included in the sold package.We will pack the keycaps in our own carton.

The printed ones are dye-sublimation.

The keycap is made of durable PBT material,the thickness is about 1.5mm.

Our store has opened DIY services.If you have interests,don't hesitate to leave us message.


YMDK 96 (Melody 96) layout C

Standard 104 87 61 ANSI ISO layout whose bottom is 1x6.25u+7x1.25u,such as Filco Ducky Poker which is most common

YMD75 v3 Layout A

It can be used on 68 layout such as Tada 68

Be compatible with GK64 Layout


The spacebar isnot 6.25u,it can't be compatible,such as Cosair Logitech Razer Keyboard.

Some old Cherry brand keyboard whose caps lock back hole is off center,it can't be compatible,sucb as 1800

Some stabilizers are little issue with these big keycap, but it is easily fixable. Please contact us if you encounter any similar problem.

Please inquire us if you need special keycaps.

After Service

If some keys missing or broken on the way,just leave us message,we will send you missing or broken ones soon.Don't worry about it and don't leave feedback immediately.

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Unique Font 

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