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CNC Anodized Aluminum Case Shell For Filco CM Cooler Master 87 Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard Including Detachable USB Module

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1.This link is only for the keyboard shell for Filco Cooler Master Quick Fire Stealth 87 Tenkeyless keyboard.No keyboard included.

When it's used for CM Quick Fire 87,there will be 2 holes useless.Pls check the photo we take with CM keyboard as below.If you can't accept it,pls not order it for your CM keyboard.For Filco,these 2 holes are used to shine Led through,however CM don't have that 2 led,so it's useless.

2.The keyboard case is made of aluminum CNC anodized.

3.Package included:

USB Cable Detachable Module    CNC Case    2xCNC Feet (Presented)

Enough screws

M2.5x6 is to mount bottom case to upper case

M2.5x4 is to mount USB module to bottom case

M2.5x5 with cap is to mount PCB to upper case

You can also see detailed size image to confirm whether it can use for your keyboard yourself

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