Universal Anodized Aluminum Positioning Board Plate Support ISO ANSI For GH60 PCB 60% Keyboard DIY

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1.This is the link only for keyboard Positioning board Plate,no keyboard included.This new plate is upgraded which can support all GH60 layout and can support ISO and ANSI as well.It uses PCB-Mounted stabilizers.


2.This plate support changing switch springs and axis without desoldering the switches from PCB.If you want to know how to do it,just inquire us.We'd like to enjoy the experience.


3.We have produced only 5 colors at first.If you want other colors,pls leave us message.When we receive many messages,we will consider and produce some more colors in future,like golden red and so on.


4.ISO blank keycap set will be passed onto the store soon.If you have interests,just add our store in your list.When you choose add stabilizers,that means 1x6.25u+4x2u PCB-mounted stabilizers.