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YMDK Solid Wooden Wrist Rests For 60% TKL Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Typing Balancing

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1x Wood Wrist Rest + 2 Rubber Feet


Wooden wrist can balance your typing set-up,  To give you both healthy typing posture and timeless style, slide a Wooden Wrist Rest next to your keyboard.

The wood surface is oil painted to protect the wood rotting.

Some 64 68 84 96 keyboard can use it as well,you can see the exact size in the image to confirm it yourself.

Notes:For wooden wrist rest,there is not 100% the same surface for tree lines are freely spreading.So if the wrist rest you receive is not the whole same as the picture shown,this kind of dispute is not acceptable.



    YMDKEY only support Paypal now,thanks for understanding.