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GK64 XD64 YD60MQ DZ60 Glass Fiber Plate

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Only Plate: 1x Plate


Plate Genuine Stab : 1x Plate + Cherry Genuine Stabilizers (1x6.25u + 4x2u)





1.This is the link only for glass fiber 64 plate.


2.This plate can be used with all GH60 case,if you use it with GK64 original case,it will look smaller in the case.


3.This plate can be used with the PCB which support 64 layout,such as DZ60,YD60MQ,XD64,GK64 PCB etc.



After-sale Service


When you receive it,if 1 or 2 diode or resistance is off,just let us know.It can be resoldered easily to fix it and the diode or resistance is very cheap.You can let us resend some diode for free as well,This is only small problem.pls not worry when you meet it and contact us immediately.




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