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Moon Landing Mars Colony XDA Profile PBT 121 165 Keys Dye Sub Keycap Set Suitable for MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard

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109 /121 keys Edition                       109/121 Keys Standard ANSI Keyset + 1 Wire Puller


149 /151 /165 Keys Edition               149 /151 /165 Keys ANSI ISO Full Keyset  + 1 Wire Puller




This keycaps are made of PBT.XDA profile is little higher than DSA,little lower than SA.It's plain keycaps.


There is raised line on F J which is different from old XDA caps.


For space bar,7u/ 6.5u/ 6.25u/ 6u/ 5.5u/ 4.5u/ 3u space is Convex,1.75u/ 2u/ 2.25u/ 2.75u is only Concave


The thickness is around 1.4mm.


Size description

Height Profile




109 / 121 Key Edition 

Compatible with most Standard ANSI 108\104\87\61 MX mechanical keyboard whose space is 6.25u,around 11.7cm

149 / 151 keys Full Set (Only suitable for MX switches mechanical keyboard and some capacitive keyboard)

Filco: All series including Janpanese edition and USA edition

Cherry: All series compatible

Razer\Corsair: All series compatible

CM: All series compatible

Ganss: All series compatible

Ducky: All series compatible

Likeyboard\ TBKB\ Dareu\ Noppoo\ GH60\ 87 DIY\ 96 DIY\ Planck\ Atomic\ VEA\ Tada68: All series compatible

Steelseries: All series compatible (Except M800)

IKBC\ Varmilo\ Magicforce\ RK\ Keycool \XD64\ 104 DIY\ 1800 DIY\ Preonic\ Minivan\ Whitefox\ Rama\ Ergo\ Plum: All series ok

Logitech: G710 is compatibleLogitech: G710 is compatible (610 810 910 can't be compatible)

Aula: All series can't be compatible

165 keys Full Set (In addition to above layout,it also support split keyboard and keyboard which split spacebar)


Split 75% keyboard such as VEA 75%,YMDK Split 75


Split 64 keyboard such as SP64 in our store


DZ60 Split layout


After Service

If some keys missing or broken on the way,just leave us message,we will send you missing or broken ones soon.Don't worry about it and don't leave feedback immediately.


165 Moon Landing
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西部1 拷贝
西部世界增补 拷贝

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