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Wholesales Authentic Cherry mx switch 3 pin Mechanical keyboard brown blue red white clear silver Switches

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Switches as images


These switches can be used with 1.8mm 3mm,2x3x4mm leds.If you want to use 4 pin RGB,need to dig 2 hole or replace switch cap.

Cherry switches has 2 batches,the logo is different,however it's both original switches.Will ship in random.

Cherry switches

Cherry MX Black: Linear Switch,Actuation Force is 60cN


Cherry MX silent black: A quieter edition of cherry black


Cherry MX Red: Linear Switch,Actuation Force is 45cN


Cherry MX Pink: A quieter edition of cherry red,called Cherry pink as usual


Cherry MX Blue: Tactile and Clicky Switch,Actuation Force is 50cN


Cherry MX Brown: Tactile and non-clicky switch,Actuation Force is 45cN,it's soft tactile


Cherry MX Green: Tactile and Clicky,stiffer version of Blue,Actuation force is 80cN


Cherry MX Clear: Tactile non-clicky,stiffer version of Brown,Actuation force is 55cN,Tactile force is 65cN.


Cherry MX Milk: called MX white worldwide,Tactile and Clicky,stiffer version of Blue,Actuation force is 80cN.


Cherry MX Silver: Linear switches,40% faster than cherry red,little heavier than red,good for FPS player


Cherry Linear Gray: Linear switches,little heavier than Cherry black (Not many in stock,so we don't wholesales)


Cherry tactile Gray: Little tactile and not clicky,called heavy brown,similar to MX clear,actuation weight can be up to 120g


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Silent Black



Silent Red


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