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YMDK 143 DSA Dye Sub 9009 Retro PBT Full Keyset For MX Mechanical Keyboard Filco Ducky 104 TKL 61 KBD75 Kira96 YMD96 XD64 Tada68

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143 Key Dye-sub: 143 Key PBT DSA Dye-Sub Keycaps

143 Key Blank: 143 Key PBT DSA Blank Keycaps

125 Key Dye-Sub: 125 key PBT DSA Dye-Sub keycaps

Spacebar kit: Spacebar Kit as the image shown

No keyboard included

There is also a special 61 64 68 kit in another link,Click Here


DSA profile is lower than XDA,it's ball shape caps.The thickness is around 1.4mm.


It can be used for most Cherry MX Gateron MX Kailh MX mechanical keyboard.Such as:

Filco Ducky IKBC 104 TKL 61 ANSI

YMD96,XD64,Tada68,KBD75,HHKB MX switch keyboard etc

If your keyboard is ISO layout,pls add ISO kit.If your spacebar is 7u,you can add spacebar kit.


If the spacebar is 6u 6.5u instead of 6.25u,it can't be compatible,such as some Cosair Logitech.You can order additional keys needed.We will produce special full set for them soon.

Some old Cherry keyboard whose Spacebar Capslock back hole is different is not compatible.We have cherry 117 121 keyset owns both special Space and Capslock in other link.

After Service

If some keys missing or broken on the way,just leave us message,we will send you missing or broken ones soon.Don't worry about it and don't leave feedback immediately.

125 Dye Sub

143 Dye Sub

10 拷贝(1)

143 Blank

Spacebar Kit

4 拷贝

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