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YMDK Fully Programmable 68 CNC Aluminum Case Plate PCB Stabilizers Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

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Package Included

   Aluminum Case + Alu Plate + QMK PCB (Mini USB Port) + Costar Stabilizers needed + Rubber Feet

Stabilizers included 1x6.25u+4x2u (You only need to prepare switches and keycaps and cable to get a fully working keyboard)


If you need switches,leds,assembly service,just click link below to order,you only need to choose normal shipping for switches leds,we will ship them together with 96 Kit shipping method.Such as,if you choose DHL for 96 kit,switches leds China post,we will ship all via DHL.

Switches Click Here

Leds Click Here

Assembly Service (choose usd7 option is ok) Click Here

Keycap click PBT OEM Laser Etched A   PBT OEM Laser Etched B   PBT OEM Dye-sub  DSA Dye-Sub


The assembly keyboard in the photo are gray options for your reference.

PCB is presoldered with diodes and resistors,you can solder switches or leds.The soldering point is gold pad.

PCB is QMK firmware which is fully programmable.

The case and plate are full aluminum CNC made and anodized which is high quality.

The costar stabilizers is little raised design.If you don't know how install costar stabilizers,just inquire us or search on reddit is ok.


Pls find the manual and software as below link

QMK gold pad manual    drive.google.com/open?id=1NdVerLbV7KVJ9B3AmdrgIasEoMhMIgpP

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