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104 Chalk Backlit Keycaps(Double Shot OEM Profile/104 87 61 Using)

104 Chalk Backlit Keycaps(Double Shot OEM Profile/104 87 61 Using)

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104 Chalk Backlit Keycaps Set+Keycap Puller


With the popularity of rgb keyboards,backlit or sidelit keycaps are needed for two models of rgb keyboards.

This set considers standard 104/tkl/61 layouts rgb keyboard of needing,do the backlit keycaps for north facing pcb of rgb keyboard.And it still consider the korean language of needing in website.

From cherry chalk theme to backlit 104 chalk,we just change the colors a little.

PBT double shot shine through,thickness 1.2mm.

OEM profile is higher than cherry profile,if you use it with cherry profile,please note that.Because handle feels will be so different in this situation.

From R4 to R1(F1 raw-ZXC raw),it is lower with number of reducing.


RGB keyboards have two models now,it is rgb north facing or rgb south facing.RGB north facing for backlit,rgb south facing for sidelit.So if you choose this backlit keycaps with standard 104 layout keyboard,please note that your keyboard needs be north facing rgb keyboard better.

The legend is double shot which won't be erased.And it's shine through.

If your keyboard doesn't use mechanical mx or optical switches,the keycaps will not fit it.

If your keyboard use the low-profile mechanical switches,it will not fit.

Some old Cherry keyboard whose Spacebar Capslock back hole is different is not compatible.Such as Cherry 3000 1800.

Some Costar stabilizer keyboard whose big keys may be stuck for different amoulding.You can adjust the wire or replace the costar inserts in the common market whose amoulding is more popular.If you have met this problem,just leave us message.We will help you solve it.

After Service

If some keys missing or broken on the way,just leave us message,we will send you missing or broken ones soon.

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