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16 12 Key Kailh Box Navy Jade Royal Pink Cream Polia Blueberry Holy Pandas Switches Shaft Testing Tool Switch Tester

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A 12/16 Keys Kailh Switches Tester


12 Key Kailh Tester

Copper switches: Tactile, 40 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Silver switches: Linear, 40 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Gold switches: Clicky, 60 g springs - 1.4mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Pink switches: Clicky, 50 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel  【New structure】

Bronze switches: Clicky, 50 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

The burgundy feels smooth and has a slight curve to it when starting out.

The purple feels really nice. The bump is decently strong and smooth. It feels comparable to a Zealio 65g. 

The light green is more comparable to a Cherry Blue click. Its consistent and feels pretty nice. 

The novelkeys cream is special customized switches by Novelty.It's linear switches,Featuring housing and stem that is made out of self lubricating POM, this linear is a smooth and unique experience. The switch is also a first for Kailh, as it features MX style latching for the housing.NovelKeys Cream - Linear | 4mm travel | 2mm operating | 55g actuation | 70g bottom out

Cream Blueberry is 5 pin switches as well.It's tactile switches unclicky.Actuation weight is around 65+-10gf,similar to Cherry brown switches.

Polia switches actuation force is around 45+-10gf.The bottom force is around 67gf.Actuation travel is around 1.9+-0.6mm.Lifetime is around 70,000,000 times

INVYR Panda switches,customized 62.5g operation force.Spring is changed.Tactile feeling is very good and little lighter than MD ones.This one only has little for tester.If you like this modification,can message us after testing.

16 Key Box switches (Box tester,SMD compatible)

Box Heavy Dark Yellow is linear switches,70g operating force

Box Heavy Burnt Orange is tactile not clicky,60g operating force

Box Heavy Pale Blue is tactile clicky 60g operating force

Box Black is Linear Operating force: 60 gf (+/-10 gf)

Box  Clear(white)is Clicky,Operating force: 50 gf (+/-10 gf),Tactile force: 55 gf (+/-10 gf)

Box Brown is Tactile,Operating force: 50 gf (+/-10 gf),Tactile force: 60gf (+/-10 gf)

Box Red is Linear,Operating force: 45 gf (+/-10 gf)

Box Navy is tactile clicky,spring force is the same as heavy pale blue,and the clicky feeling is more obvious.

Box Jade is tactile clicky,spring force is same as box white,the clicky feeling is little resistant feeling

Box Royal is tactile not clickey,actuation is around 75g,the feeling is close to Cherry clear

Box Pink is tactile cliky switches,operating force is around 55g±15gf,tactile force is around 65g±10gf

Kailh Box Chinese Red – Linear | 3.6mm travel | 45g Actuation | 55g Bottom Out

Kailh Box Noble Yellow – Clicky | 3.6mm travel | 65g Actuation | 50 Bottom Out

Kailh Box Glazed Green – Clicky | 3.6mm travel | 50g Actuation | 50g Bottom Out

Kailh Ancient Grey – Linear | 3.6mm travel | 95g Actuation | 100g Bottom Out

Kailh Pro Box Red – Linear 35g actuation weight

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16 Tester

12 Tester

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