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9 Key CNC Aluminum QMK VIA Hotswap YMDK RGB Support Macro Type C MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard Numpad For Gaming Photoshop

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This link is for 9 Key Pad DIY.Support Marco function.Every key can be defined which is good for gaming Photoshop Stock etc.The PCB has upgraded to QMK Hotswap now and the price only increased little.

The PCB is presoldered with Hot socket.The firmware is QMK which is much more powerful than before.The PCB can support VIA as well.Will pass on manual soon

The case is CNC aluminum.The middle frame is CNC as well and then sand blast.It add stand around the acrylic frame to support PCB as the image shown

We put 123456789 key as default.Set 5 and Fn in same key,when you long press 5,it is Fn,can control led color by Fn.If you want other keys or Macro keys,please program it yourself with the manuals below.

The led effects is maily on upper side of the keyboard,the bottom led effects is only reflected by black board under the keyboard.

Cherry SMD /Gateron SMD /Kailh SMD /Kailh Speed /Kailh Pro /Kailh Box /Outemu SMD all is compatible.3 pin switches is best,if you use 5 pin switches,just cut the plastic leg is ok.

The case plate is made of acrylic.The Pudding keycaps is PBT double shot,the thickness is around 1.1mm.Milk white keycaps is ABS blank,the thickness is around 1.5mm.

If you choose only case plate PCB,the RGB leds is presoldered as well.Just no keycaps and switches included.

This PCB is Type C port,can program with bootloader.Here is the link to download the software and manuals

QMK Manuals: drive.google.com/file/d/1gsspBDGrYdupB_U4FnNp7CmPMfhKmn1W/view?usp=sharing

VIA Manuals: drive.google.com/file/d/1MERRP5_4kWaB7Hytq3WAFjA_KE2mNnmS/view?usp=sharing

4 kit for your options

Only Case Option

Case + plate + acrylic Frame + Screw + Rubber Feet (Only replacement for Acrylic case before)

Kit 1

Case plate PCB + Switch puller + Rubber pad + Switches below + Assemble (RGB led\ Keycap\Cable is presented,leave message what switch you want)

Gateron Blue \Brown \Black \Red \White \Yellow \Green (Can Mix)

Kailh Speed Silver \Bronze \Gold \pink \Copper

Kailh Pro purple \Light Green \Burgundy

Kailh Box White \Brown \Black \Red \Pale Blue \Burnt Orange \Dark Yellow

Kit 2

Case plate PCB + Switch puller + Rubber pad + Switches below + Assemble (RGB led\ Keycap\Cable is presented,leave message what switch you want)

Kailh box Jade \Navy \Pink \Royal

Outemu ice purple 62g \Sky blue 62g \Sky blue 68g

Kit 3

Case plate PCB + Switch puller + Rubber pad + Switches below + Assemble (RGB led\ Keycap\Cable is presented,leave message what switch you want)

Cherry SMD Black/ Red/ Brown/ Blue/ Silver/ Pink /Silent Black

Switches Details

Kailh speed

Copper switches: Tactile, 40 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Silver switches: Linear, 40 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Gold switches: Clicky, 60 g springs - 1.4mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Pink switches: Clicky, 50 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel  【New structure】

Bronze switches: Clicky, 50 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Kailh Pro

The burgundy feels smooth and has a slight curve to it when starting out.

The purple feels really nice. The bump is decently strong and smooth. It feels comparable to a Zealio 65g. 

The light green is more comparable to a Cherry Blue click. Its consistent and feels pretty nice. 

Kailh Box

BOX Heavy Dark Yellow is linear switches,around 70g operating force

BOX Heavy Burnt Orange is tactile not clicky,around 60g operating force

BOX Heavy Pale Blue is tactile clicky,around 60g operating force

Box Navy is tactile clicky,spring force is the same as heavy pale blue,and the clicky feeling is more obvious.

Box Jade is tactile clicky,spring force is same as box white,the clicky feeling is little resistant feeling

Box Royal is tactile not clickey,actuation is around 75g,the feeling is close to Cherry clear

Box Pink is tactile cliky switches,operating force is around 55g±15gf,tactile force is around 65g±10gf

Box White is tactile clicky switches,around 45g operating force

Box Black is Linear switches,around 60g operating force

Box Red is linear switches,around 45g operating force

Box Brown is tactile switches,around 45g operating force

Gateron SMD

Red black white yellow switches are linear switches moving straight up and down without any additional tactile feedback or loud clicking noise.For operating force,Black>Yellow>Red>White.

Gateron brown switches are tactile and non-clicky,between red and blue handle feeling.It's both good for gaming and typing which depends your preference.

Gateron Blue and green shaft is tactile and clicky,green is stiffer version of Blue.

Outemu Ice purple Sky Blue

Both Ice purple 62g 68g,Sky blue 62g 68g is tactile switches,only acutuation force is little difference.

YMDKEY only support Paypal now,thanks for understanding.