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A Random Keycaps Set as a gift(A customer can only order one with other products)

A Random Keycaps Set as a gift(A customer can only order one with other products)

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Special note

This link is valid from February 2 to February 29, 2024. During this period, we will enter the Chinese New Year holiday and will not ship. This link is to give back to all customers who support us.

The amount of your initial order must be greater than 5 usd

1.That is a link that you can just add one to get a random keycaps set. You can also choose your favorite two switches from the switch options below.

2.It can't be ordered alone.So if you need this as a gift,need order some others with it.

3.If you order it alone,we will cancel this order for you.Please note.

4.Everyone can only order one times. If you order this link many times, we will consider cancel more(keep one lastly).

About keycaps

We will randomly select a set and put it into your package. You can leave a message telling me your keyboard model. I will try my best to select supported keycaps. If there is no suitable one, we will send it randomly.

About Switch

You can choose two of the switches we sell below

Gateron Switch (56 types)
Gateron 3 pin: Blue, brown, red, black, yellow, green, white
Gateron 5 pin: Blue, brown, red, black, yellow, green, white
Gateron SMD: Yellow, blue, brown, red, black, green, white
Gateron Milky: Yellow, blue, brown, red, black, green, white
Gateron Ink: Black ink, blue ink, red ink, silent black ink, Box yellow ink, Box black ink, Box pink ink
Gateron Silent SMD: Red, black, brown
Gateron CJ: CJ Normal light blue, CJ Normal dark blue, CJ Box 3pin, CJ Box 5pin
Gateron Pro 3.0: Yellow, Red, White, Silver
Gateron Pro Milky Yellow, Pro Milky Red
Gateron oil king, Gateron Cream 62g, Gopolar Azure Dragon V1 67g Tactile, Gopolar Azure Dragon V3 67g Tactile, North Pole Yellow V2, CAP Milky Yellow, Milkshake Smoothie, Melodic, beer, CM 3.0, Luciola, baby racoon, baby kangaroo

Kailh Switch (54 types)
Kailh Box: Jade, Navy, Royal, pink, brown, red, black, Heavy Dark Yellow, white, pale blue, Heavy Burnt Orange
Kailh Box Silent:Pink、brown
Kailh Hako: Ture, Violet, Clear
Kailh Crystal Box:Jade、Navy、Royal
Kailh Chinese Style: Ancient Grey, Nobel Yellow, Glazed Green, Chinese Red
Kailh Normal: Speed Silver, speed pink, speed copper, speed bronze, speed gold, Pro light green, Pro purple, Pro Burgundy,
Kailh Super Speed: Silver, Copper, Red, Bronze
Kailh Novetly: Cream, Cream Blueberry
Kailh Master Box: Box Fried Egg, Red bean, White owl
Kailh Jellyfish: Linear Y, Tactile X
Kailh Clione Limacina Tactile,Linear
Kailh Box V2 white, Kailh Box V2 brown, Box Rro Red, Kailh Tactile Polia, Kailh Deep Sea, Kailh Canary Tactile, Summer V2, Starry Sky,

JWICK Switch (26 types)
JWK C V2: Black, Black blue
JWK Box Ginger Milk、Poi Milk Purple
JWK Matcha 49gf
JWK F1 Black 78gf
JWK Piano 63.5gf

Cherry Switch (19)
Cherry Normal: Blue, brown, red, black, silent black, green, silent red, milk white, silver, linear gray, tactile gray, clear

TTC Switch (13)
TTC: Ace, Gold Pink, Silent brown, Wind, Bluish White, Silent blush white, Brother, Silent red, Flame red, Flame purple, Speed Silver, Fronzen

Outemu Switch (12 types)
Outemu SMD: Blue, Red, Brown, Blue, Gold, Silver, Purple, box Green, box Black
Outemu Silent SMD:White、Gray
Outemu Crystal Linear 45gf
Outemu Lemon, Peach, Panda

Equalz Switch (4 types)
Machao 62g, Kiwi Tactile67g, Blueberry, Grapefruit

Skyloong Switch (7 types)
Skyloong Chocolate: Blue, white, brown, red, silver, rose pink

Keyfirst Switch (5 types)
Keyfirst Milk: Milk Blue, Milk green, Milk pink, Milk purple,

Everglide Switch (7 types)
T1: Black Clear, White Clear
Black Jade,Malachite Green
Water King 55g, 62g, 67g

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