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YMD-40% Air40 Aluminum Kit(VIA VIAL RGB Hotswap Supported)

YMD-40% Air40 Aluminum Kit(VIA VIAL RGB Hotswap Supported)

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YMD-40% Air40 Aluminum Kit: Case+Plate+Hotswap RGB PCB+Screws+Rubber Feets+Switches+Assembly

Please leave a message to chooe switches in Cart of page.

Switches of options

Gateron black /yellow /Blue /Red /Brown /Clear /Green

Gateron Pro Yellow /Pro Red /Single phrase Clear /2 Phrase Clear /Single phrase Silver /2 Phrase Silver

Kailh Speed Silver /Copper /Bronze /Pink /Gold /Pro Purple /Pro Burgundy /Pro light green

Kailh Box White /Box Brown /Box Black /Box Red

JWK C V2 Black /v2 Blue


From 20% to 40% mini layout,it will be a new keyboard that fit orthogonal.Gives the new handle feel of keyboard.

40% of working makes our fingers are more agile,so we advise you use it as your needing.

CNC anodized aluminum case.

North facing rgb backlit and underglow hotswap pcb,fits via only.

Anodized aluminum plate supports three layouts.

Keyboard size: 235*84 mm(We had not added the height because the keycaps of using)

Why we call it Air40?

This kit is designed without stabilizers needed which is on base of our YMDK Numpad kit.The tactile feeling is more smooth.It may be little little unstable compared with stabilizers mounted,however it felt more relaxable without stabilizers for 2u keys.If you care about this much,please not order it is ok.

Besides,this PCB is designed to support some layout in one.If you have soldering experience,you can change layout as your wish.If you don't want to solder,can just choose 1 layout which prefer to directly when ordering.

How to Assemble the kit

1.Put around 4-5 switches into plate corners and middle part.Then plug these swithces pin into PCB socket.

2.After PCB plate fixed,put other switches on one by one is ok.Take care to plug in the top 90 degree and avoid to use used switches which may affect the hot socket.

3.When you meet big resistance when plugging switches in,please stop and check whether the switch pin is bent and bend it over and try again.

VIA Manuals

Layout Supported

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