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Cherry Nixie Linear Switches(MX 5pin Factory lubeb )

Cherry Nixie Linear Switches(MX 5pin Factory lubeb )

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Cherry Nixie Linear Switches(MX 5pin Factory lubeb )

Package included:Only Cherry Nixie Linear Switch


Ths new type Clear-Top Mx switches is a re release of the community favorite "MX Nixie" which was produced for Nixdorf Computer AG in the 80s. In addition to the milky top housing, the switch is characterized by a linear switching characteristic, a golden spring and a slightly increased actuation force. The MX Black Clear-Top is also available as pre-lubed version. This makes the switch suitable for retro fans, frequent typists, gamers and users who value linear switching characteristics as well as good acoustics.

Mode:MX2A-61NW (Lubed)

Clear stem and Black housing

Stem: POM, same as Ink material

Actuation force: 63.5 cN

Bottom Out force: 80 cN

Pre- travel: 2mm

Total travel: 4.0mm

Pins:5 Pin

Pre-lubed: Yes

Lighting: Prepared for use with Plug in 2-Pin (through hole,smd led is not ok)

Black plated double Stage spring 15mm

Durability: > 50 million actuations

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