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Cherry Profile Convex Spacebar Kit(11 pcs)

Cherry Profile Convex Spacebar Kit(11 pcs)

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Cherry Profile Convex Spacebar Kit

Package Contain:

1 set Cherry Profile Spacebar(11 spaces in total)

A set of spaces includes 1u、1.25u、1.5u、1.75u、2u、2×2.25u、2.75u、3u 、6u、6.5u


Space height:around 9mm.
keycap thickness:around 1.5—1.6mm


2u is for Planck Preonic Etc

3U for Filco Minila

2.25u/ 2.75u is used for split keyboard or small keyboard such as Alice

6u is used for some Razer etc

6.5u is used for Corsair etc

7U for the layout which request 7u spacebar,such as NCR80、HHKB


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