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Custom 2 Key Hotswap Minimalist Keypad Macro Function Mechanical Keyboard(MX Switches Numpad For Photoshop)

Custom 2 Key Hotswap Minimalist Keypad Macro Function Mechanical Keyboard(MX Switches Numpad For Photoshop)

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Case Color

2 kit for your options

Base Kit(No switches no keycaps,you need to prepare it yourself)

Case Plate + PCB with leds+ Cable + Switch puller + Screws+ Feet

Kit 1
Base Kit + Switches below + Keycaps + Assembly (Keycap is presented,leave message what switch you want)

Switches options:

Gateron brown \Clear\ Red \Black \Blue \Yellow \Green

Gateron Pro 2.0 Yellow \Red \Black \Brown

Kailh Speed Copper \Silver \Bronze \Pink \Gold

Kailh Pro Purple \Light Green \Burgundy

Kailh Box Black \Red \Brown \White

JWK C V2 Black


This link is customized 2 key pad.The case is made of acrylic.Base kit is only case plate PCB cable,Kit 1 is a fully working macro pad.

Can be programmed with software in manuals.The firmware is not qmk or via.

There is smd switch leds presoldered.However it only has 1 led mode -- when you press one key,the led lit for seconds,then off.If you don't like this,can just close it on software.

You can combine shortcut keys with one key, such as, ctrl, shift, win, alt can be combined with other single keys at will, like ctrl+c, ctrl+alt+a.

Uncommon keys such as F13~F24 that can be assigned, and the computer can recognize them.

Support One-key macro, that is, can set multiple keycode into one key, such as one-key input 1234.

The total macro size is 34 bits, and a pair of brackets in the setting software is counted as 1 bit; the total special key space is 10 bits, and there are 1, 2, 3 or 4 counts as 1 bit; the total delay is up to 10, which can be set from 0.1 to 25 seconds, and the delay is executed first.

It cannot be set any more than any limit. 34-bit is the total memory shared by a single keyboard, not exclusive to one of the keys.

One step for each pair of brackets, each step is independent, must be lifted after being pressed, and cannot wait for other keys to be pressed after being pressed.

A single key (such as a delay of 1 second + A) or a shortcut key (such as Ctrl+C) is considered one step, which will occupy 1 bit of the macro space, but the shortcut key will also occupy 1 bit of the special key space, and the delay will also 1 place.

The macro cannot add the mouse code. Long press to send the macro continuously, the other keys are invalid and cannot be triggered during the cycle. For example: (A)+(1 second delay+2)+(shift+F8)+(Alt+Win +R) is a 4-digit macro, 2-digit special key, and 1-digit delay (maximum 10)


Switches Details

Kailh speed

Copper switches: Tactile, 40 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Silver switches: Linear, 40 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Gold switches: Clicky, 60 g springs - 1.4mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Pink switches: Clicky, 50 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel 【New structure】

Bronze switches: Clicky, 50 g springs - 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Kailh Pro

The burgundy feels smooth and has a slight curve to it when starting out.

The purple feels really nice. The bump is decently strong and smooth. It feels comparable to a Zealio 65g.

The light green is more comparable to a Cherry Blue click. Its consistent and feels pretty nice.

Kailh Box

BOX Heavy Dark Yellow is linear switches,around 70g operating force

BOX Heavy Burnt Orange is tactile not clicky,around 60g operating force

BOX Heavy Pale Blue is tactile clicky,around 60g operating force

Box Navy is tactile clicky,spring force is the same as heavy pale blue,and the clicky feeling is more obvious.

Box Jade is tactile clicky,spring force is same as box white,the clicky feeling is little resistant feeling

Box Royal is tactile not clickey,actuation is around 75g,the feeling is close to Cherry clear

Box Pink is tactile cliky switches,operating force is around55g±15gf,tactile force is around 65g±10gf

Box White is tactile clicky switches,around 45g operating force

Box Black is Linear switches,around 60g operating force

Box Red is linear switches,around 45g operating force

Box Brown is tactile switches,around 45g operating force

Gateron SMD

Red black white yellow switches are linear switches moving straight up and down without any additional tactile feedback or loud clicking noise.For operating force,Black>Yellow>Red>White.

Gateron brown switches are tactile and non-clicky,between red and blue handle feeling.It's both good for gaming and typing which depends your preference.

Gateron Blue and green shaft is tactile and clicky,green is stiffer version of Blue.
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