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DIY Crystal Base Long Pin Hot Plug Hot Swap Sip Socket of Leds(MX Switch And SMD Switch Using/YD60MQ YMD-75% YMD-96 PCB Using)

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DIY Crystal Base Long Pin Hot Plug Hot Swap Sip Socket of Leds


This link is mainly for hot plug hot swap which is specially used to change and replace LED easily.1 switch and 1 led bulb needs 2 hot plug.The hot plug is tinning and gilding outside and inside.

To reduce your total costs,here we have 2 set for LED and hot swap together which is much cheaper:

  • 200 hot plug and 100 led which is enough for the keyboard under 100 keys,like 87 61
  • 300 hot plug and 120 led which is enough for the keyboard under 110 keys,like 108 87 61
  • 130 hot plug and 65 led is for 60% GH60 

For LEDs, you can choose from the following options

3mm round led: Purple,white,Orange,Blue,Green,Ice Blue,Red,warm yellow,pink

2x3x4 squier led: Red,White,Orange,Blue,Green,Warm yellow,Pink

Why do we only sell hundred by hundred?Because shipping cost is high comparing to led and hot plug itself,so 50 or 100 pcs are close on price.And for DIY fans,additional ones can be used in future surely.

Why do we only sell long pin?Long pin can replace standard pin since you can cut it as your wish.So it can be used for more situation.

How to add hot plug and led for MX switches mechanical keyboard:

  • Disassemble the switches 
  • Put the hot plug into the hole in switches
  • Install the switches
  • Adjust LED stitch to fit the hot plug,maybe need to cut off the stitch a little.Then you can replace the led color free.

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