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Gateron Box Ink v2 Pink And Black(Pre Lubed 5pin POM Stem PC Housing Switches)

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Package Included(Gateron Box Ink v2 Pink / Black)

Switch*quantities(30/70/90/110 as options)


Ink Box Pink (linear) 5 pin

15mm plating black spring
Actuation: 30gf
Bottom: 50gf
Pretravel: 1.2 mm /Total Travel:3.4mm

Ink Box Black (linear) 5 pin

20mm plating black spring
Actuation: 40gf
Bottom: 60gf
Pretravel: 1.2 mm /Total Travel:3.4mm


The v2's now have an upgraded housing that helps make the contact leaves more secure. Contact leaves are still able to be pressed out with your thumb, but do not fall out while turning the switches upside down in our testing.

The Gateron Ink switches feature a transparent smokey housing. It's PC housing and Pom Stem,box ink v2 series is prelubed.

It is compatible with 2 pin 4 pin leds.It can't use with SMD RGB leds in the top.If the smd led is pasted inside PCB,then it's ok.

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