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Gateron Pro SMD 3.0 Switches(Lubed RGB V3)

Gateron Pro SMD 3.0 Switches(Lubed RGB V3)

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Package Included(Gateron SMD V3 Pro Switches)

Gateron Pro SMD 3.0 Switches(there are several options-10、35、70、90、110pcs)


G pro 3.0 switches is POM stem.3 Pin.Prelubed from factory.Lifetime is around 50~80 million keystrokes.

Gateron Pro Yellow 3.0(linear )
Operating force:50±15gf
Total Journey:4.0±0.4mm
Action stroke:2±0.6mm


Gateron Pro Red 3.0(linear )
Operating force:45±15gf
Total Journey:4.0±0.4mm
Action stroke:2±0.6mm

Gateron Pro white 3.0(linear )
Actuation force:38gf
Bottom out force:45gf
Total Journey: 4.0±0.4mm
Action stroke: 2±0.6mm.
The white 2.0 in our store are 2 stage spring which is more popular

Gateron Pro Silver 3.0
Actuation force:35gf
Operating force: 45±5gf
Total Journey: 3.4±0.4mm
Action stroke is 1.2±0.3mm
The silver 2.0 in our store are 2 stage spring which is more popular

Gateron pro Brown 3.0(tactile switches)
Operating force:45±15gf
Total Journey: 4.0+0.4mm

Gateron Black 3.0(linear switches)
Operating force: 55±15gf
Total Journey:4.0+0.4mm
Action stroke: 2±0.6mm

Gateron Blue 3.0(Clicky switches)
Operating force: 55±15gf
Total Journey:4.0±0.4mm


1、In more premium

2、More even and consistent
linght effection
more transparent and more condensor light effection

3、Three layer pin in more stable structure
hardened but not thickened

4、The Pro 3.0 keeping the pre-lubed base on Pro 2.0,but the top housing is upgraded with a texture finishlight guide pole to make the light more even andconsistent;moreover, the G Pro 3.0 are with up-grade pin in more reliable conductivity, less defor-mation, and longer lifetime.


This Gateron G pro switches is pre-lubed from the factory whose tactile feeling is much more smooth.Pro 3.0 has added RGB pillar in led hole which can get better RGB effects.

This switches can't interchange hotswap keyboard who original use outemu switches.Besides it can't be compatible with low profile switches and optical switches.

Our gateron pro switches is officially brand new ones.There are many fake switches in the market at the moment.Please take care of it.

It can support smd led above and under PCB.It can's use with 2 pin 4 pin plug-in leds.

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