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GK61 Aluminum / Steel / Brass Plate And Stabilizers(GH60 PCB GK61 Hot Swap PCB Using/Plate Mounted)

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GK61 Aluminum / Steel / Brass Plate(+Stabs)


This is the plate for GK61 kit,can use it as the replacement for GK61 of plastic kit.And can still use it in GH60 case with GK61/YD60MQ PCB etc to do a new keyboard with standard 2.25u shift 61 layout.

If you choose stabilizers kit,there will be 1x6.25u + 4x2u which is enough for 61 keyboard.And it only support plate mounted stabs now for the plate.

Aluminum plate is anodized and brush finish which is better scratch proof.

The steel plate is brush finished in the surface as well.Steel plate is much harder than Aluminum plate,but the sound is bigger as well.

Brass plate is PVD sand blasted.The hardness and sound is better than steel plate.

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