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GK61 GK64 GK61XS GK64XS RGB Hot Swap PCB+Plate(Independent Driver/Bluetooth or wired)

GK61 GK64 GK61XS GK64XS RGB Hot Swap PCB+Plate(Independent Driver/Bluetooth or wired)

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GK61x /64x /GK61xs /GK64xs Hot Swap PCB+(Glass Fiber Gold Plate + Plate Stabilizers) + Switch Removal Tool

The plate mounted stabilizers is black color as default.

For bluetooth PCB,there is no battery included for shipping limits.To prepare the battery yourself,you can just choose 2 pin 1.25mm red-black connector battery is ok.You can inquire us before ordering battery as well.

Please note that the GK64XS PCB had been upgraded the newest purple color.GK64X, GK61X, GK61XS or black PCB version


GK61x /64x /GK61xs /GK64xs upgrades for GK61 /GK64 /GK61s /GK64s.The color is black high quality.New edition all have RGB stripe connector in the back now.

You can use GK61/GK64 PCB in GH60 case,of course,prepare plate and stabs together better.

This plate has 3 screws attach to PCB together.When you install little switches on,it will be stable.And it still can be used in GH60 etc standard 61/64 layouts.


1.Plug-in Mechanical switches offer you an unique touch fee with a long service time.

Repalceable swith base design,free replace those swithes as your wish.Support hot plug-in.

2.Any Key Anti ghost key. 

3.16.8 million Rgb lights,working with drivers program to set many backgroud lights.

4.Working with driver program to Re-assgn for all of keys,and Recording Macro.

5.Quickly Swithing 5 Modes for gaming or office working.

6.Built-in a Flash Memory to save setting at offline mode.

7.Type-C Connector for faster transfer rate.

8.Support Bios setting on PC main board,as well as Usb online update.

9.Support Mac Operation System,only base function.

10.built-in microphone under spacebar,support External sound source play.

11.The PCB is bluetooth 5.1 if you choose bluetooth option.

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