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GK61 GK64 Wood Case Kit(RGB Hotswap PCB/Bluetooth Or Wired Programmable)

GK61 GK64 Wood Case Kit(RGB Hotswap PCB/Bluetooth Or Wired Programmable)

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GK61 GK64 Wood Case Kit: CNC Case + Type C Hotswap PCB + Plate + Plate mounted stabilizers + Feets + Screws (+Battery if bluetooth option)

PCB can choose wired and bluetooth edition,if you choose bluetooth PCB,there will be a 1900 mah battery presented

The battery pin is 2 pin 1.25mm red-black.

Please note that the GK64XS PCB had been upgraded the newest purple color.


GK61 64 as the 60% layout,it is better for gaming.

CNC walnut wood case,wood case of the surface pattern is different because of the material.

Wood case of the different lifes will create the different touches and temperature differences,so wood case of feature all is different in using.

Hotswap 61/64 layout RGB north facing PCB with type C port,support GK Manuals programmable.

PCB chipset is MCU 32 bit,3 pcs 256*256*256 RGB drive to support full 16.8 million RGB.

Plate gives glass fiber as options,it is same with pcb of material.

Keyboard size: 302*112*23-33 mm(Had not added the switches and keycaps of height for keyboard).


Support Bios setting on PC main board, as well as Usb online update.

Support Mac Operation System,only base function.

Built-in microphone under spacebar, support External sound source play.

Standard layer can't be changed in GK manuals.

The appearance of the wooden case will change due to growth, so no wooden case is absolutely the same.

GK Manuals


Mac system:

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GK61 Kit

GK64 Kit

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