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GK96LX Plastic Case Kit(RGB Hotswap PCB/Wired Programmable)

GK96LX Plastic Case Kit(RGB Hotswap PCB/Wired Programmable)

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GK96LX Plastic Case Kit: Plastic Case + Hotswap Type C PCB + Plate + Stabilizers + Cable + Removal Tool + Space Module + Screws + Feets

GK96LX is wired kit whose number pad is on the left hand.This is designed for some special customers request.

GK96LX can just use normal 104/108 MX keyset is ok.


From 100% to 90%-96 layout,keep some function keys but make the keyboard of size smaller.Create a full integrated keyboard from 100% to the new version-90% special layout.Change the way in keyboard of using totally,96 will be a better layout.

GK96LX change the numpad part of place with working keys to help some customers in typing of needing.

Black or white ABS plastic case.

Hotswap 96 layout RGB north facing PCB with type C port,supports GK Manuals programmable.

PCB chipset is MCU 32 bit,3 pcs 256*256*256 RGB drive to support full 16.8 million RGB.

Plate still is white steel plate,support splitted spacebar layout.You can just change the space module as your needing.


Support Bios setting on PC main board, as well as Usb online update.

Support Mac Operation System,only base function.

Built-in microphone under spacebar, support External sound source play.

Standard layer can't be changed in GK manuals.

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