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[GB]YMD-75% Split 84 RGB Aluminum Kit(ANSI South Facing VIA VIAL Fully Programmable)

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IC Finished,GB Time(Jan 14-Feb 14)

GB Time: Jan 14-Feb 14
Production Time: Feb 15-Mar 15
Checking And Shipping Time: Mar 15-Mar 31

GB of orders need be shipped after production and checking,please note the time of differences with standard orders.

Package Included

YMD-75% Split 84 Aluminum RGB Kit: Split 84 Aluminum Case+RGB Split 84 Hotswap South Facing PCB+PCB Stabilizers+Screws+Aluminum Feets+Cables

For the photos,we just add the keycaps and switches for the kit.But it is not included in kit.

Because the standard shipping still is not very cheaper than FedEx,we just use FedEx for it only now.(FedEx just need more 5 usd in basis of standard shipping)


From standard 75% 84 to split 84,we add the number keys in keyboard of left side.But acrylic kit is not enough in material of function.So we list the IC For split 84 aluminum kit.

We just upgrade the old split 84 acrylic kit be the aluminum one,so there change the material and designing for it.But still keep the split designing for Ergonomic.

PCB use the newest RGB south facing hotswap designing with VIA VIAL Programmable,upgrade it be Type C Port now.

Anodized split 84 Layout black aluminum case with acrylic layer,aluminum feets for ergonomic angle.Special indicator light designing for case and pcb.

Integrated plate of top part make switches of pressing directly.

We will provide two cables for connection,so don't worry this part of problem.


We prepare four ports for the keyboard,so you can use the left side and right side alone in different computers.

When you connect the middle cable,you can use the left side or right side port for USB-C cable,but can't connect the two ports with USB-C cables together at a computer.

We had flashed the right file before shipping,so you can just open VIA or VIAL to use it normal.

Hotswap kit need not soldering.Use some fomas for screws of connection better,so we will provide some when shipping.

PCB Manuals

VIA and VIAL will identify pcb directly,and we will list it after GB.

Images Display

Add Switches For Photos(Not included for switches)

Add Keycaps For Photos(Not included for switches and keycaps)

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